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Digital Tree

Innovation Habitat
L’ecosistema dedicato al mondo dell’Intelligenza Artificiale
Digital Tree dal 2022 è incubatore certificato dal Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico Italiano!

Digital Tree provides training courses to bring people closer to the topic ofArtificial Intelligence. La proposta di Digital Tree parte dai corsi di introduzione al Coding per la scuola primaria fino a corsi di formazione post-universitaria come MAIA (Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Academy) e percorsi di re-skilling e alta formazione per imprenditori e manager.

Digital Tree focuses on the incubation of high innovation start-ups offering disruptive ideas on AI technologies. In our working habitat, start-ups have access to a bunch of expert Business Analyst and Tech Professionals from the Mixura ecosystem, connections with investors and many other services.

The Open Innovation processes offer a trategic and cultural approach to innovation and value creation. Companies can choose to use not only internal resources, but also external ideas, solutions, tools and technologies. On this way, Digital Tree provides solutions and services to companies wishing to integrate AI within their business processes.

Sharing is a core value of the Digital Tree Habitat, which provides a space to work and develop ideas, within a building characterized by positive contamination. Digital Tree provides networking, operational areas and technologies for startups and high-tech companies with a view to create mutual benefit. Do you want to book one or more locations? Ask us how by clicking here..

Artificial Intelligence for a Changing Planet

C1A0 Expo

C1A0 EXPO - Artificial Intelligence for a Changing Planet is the international trade fair dedicated to artificial intelligence, which will take place in Genoa.
The central theme of the event is the approaches and opportunities of Artificial Intelligence on the Climate Change.

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What people say about us

We have achieved an important goal in the realization of Maia and a step towards the creation of skills around Artificial Intelligence, which is the main mission of Digital Tree. We are aware that in the near future there will be a strong demand for these professions and we want to prepare young people for the market. In March 2019 will start the second edition, on which we have already received many applications. Moreover, the interest is high also from companies.

What people say about us

We are living the fourth industrial revolution and if companies want to defend and increase their competitive advantage, they must set up their business transformation to anticipate and manage disruptive changes. For achieving this objective companies have to understand trends and impacts on their business model, develop those skills necessary for organizational reorientation and equip themselves with the human capital with the necessary skills to exploit the full potential of new technologies.

Mattia Marconi – Confindustria Genova

What people say about us

The World Economic Forum found that high-speed mobile internet, artificial intelligence, widespread use of Big Data analytics and cloud technology are expected to dominate the period 2018-2022 as drivers influencing business growth. Maia has the dual objective of training young people on these skills and putting them in touch with companies that are investing in artificial intelligence as an engine of technological innovation.

Claudia Angelelli - Microsoft Italia

What people say about us

The collaboration between universities and Digital Tree brings a new dimension with Maia, which makes advanced scientific knowledge directly applicable in a professional environment. Maia represents a unique initiative and opportunity for Liguria but also for Italy in general.

We stimulate the emergence of new ideas based on AI and support their development

Discover our training courses on Artificial Intelligence, Machine and Deep Learning, Big Data

We provide solutions and services to companies that want to integrate AI into their business processes

We provide a space to work and develop your ideas, within a habitat characterized by positive contaminations.

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An innovative hub for Artificial Intelligence

Digital Tree is a Habitat to create skills, generate new ideas and direct them to the market, improve and support companies' business, create concrete opportunities for the economic and social development of the territory, build on the system of the excellences present in Genoa and in the Ligurian region. This will create opportunities for synergy across the different stakeholders for creating a common path.

Your idea, our knowledge

Our team

Digital Tree offers an attractive ecosystem that connects experts in the sector with local excellence.

Sara Anfossi

D3 Academy Coordinator

Andrea De Rege di Donato

D3 Incubator Coordinator

Federico Tullo

D3 Open Innovation Coordinator

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