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AI 4 Kids

AI 4 Kids is a course developed for primary and secondary school children and teenagers, whose purpose is to transmit, through a playful approach, the basic knowledge of artificial intelligence and computational thinking.

A modular course

We strongly believe that the technological development of our communities involves the creation of skills at all levels, from children to professionals. From this conviction the AI4Kids format was born, a modular course, which adapts to the needs of the client to provide the best learning experience to girls, boys, girls and boys, with different levels of acquired skills.

Learning by doing

The teaching method adopted is the so-called learning by doing approach, which involves the implementation of educational projects, developing problem solving, planning, coding, building and team work skills. This allows girls and boys to acquire hard and soft skills at the same time: by combining different laboratories, participants learn the basics of computational thinking, which will accompany them in their development by integrating other studies through a digital perspective.

Let's structure it together

Over time we have created AI4Kids declining it as a one-day workshop, aimed at making children passionate about the subject through playful activities, while in other contexts it has been proposed as a series of structured meetings, during which participants learn specific skills by following a training plan and an educational program consistent with the time available.

Investing today in the skills of tomorrow is an act of social responsibility. Let's plan together the most appropriate path for your needs and start investing responsibly!

AI is the technology of the future,
all work areas will soon be pervaded by it

We invest today in the skills of the future to be competitive tomorrow
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