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AI 4 Leaders

Un modulo formativo proprietario, focalizzato sui decision maker aziendali, per entrare in contatto con la rivoluzione dell'AI e le opportunità che ne derivano

What is AI really? How does it work? In what areas can it be truly disruptive (or already is)? What is needed today for a Leader - as an Entrepreneur or Manager - to lead their Company, Organization, Processes and People, in order to seize all the opportunities, but also to manage the risks and repercussions of a AI digital transformation?

AI 4 Leaders


What is AI add remove

Define a semantic and practical framework of what Artificial Intelligence is (or isn't).

Technologies add remove

Provide an overview of the main technologies and methods available applied to date, from chatbots, to self-driving cars, to predictive maintenance.

Inspiration add remove

Inspire attendees through examples of AI applications that have already radically transformed the entire business sector.

Future add remove

Look into the future of a world of companies and Individuals "boosted" by the AI, reflecting on the economic, social and ethical effects.

Workshop add remove

Experiencing firsthand techniques, methods and potential, through specific in-depth workshops.

A day dedicated to AI applications within the Digital Tree ecosystem

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