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Humana Vox is an innovative start-up with a social vocation founded in 2017 with the aim of improving the quality of life and proactivity of people suffering from chronic pathologies and to use technology to connect the different actors who take care of health in the area.

What we do

We have developed a web platform, CareVox, with different profiles dedicated to the different roles of the person in the health system.
To date we are ready to launch two patient profiles on the market:

  • Basic Profile: free of charge, dedicated to all people who want to have their health conditions and lifestyle habits just a click away;
  • Empowered Profile: dedicated to people who want to create a digital medical record and monitor their health status and quality of life, with specific features for people suffering from chronic diseases.

The Empowered profile is also linked to the Caregiver profile: designed for loved ones who take care of us and who care about our well-being.

For health professionals we have created a profile dedicated to the family doctor, an integral part of health care in the area, with whom the person can interface for periodic reports on monitoring their health in the peace and quiet of their home.

Putting technology at the service of people, for us at Humana Vox, means working to bring every person closer to the digital world with the aim of providing simple and easy-to-use tools for everyone. For this reason we are working on systems that allow the use of the platform even by people who are not used to the technology, such as voice assistants, and we are studying further facilitations to allow the use of our services also by the silverware.

Extreme attention has been paid to the privacy issue: we have studied and implemented the best strategies to preserve our users, considering it a priority to be able to provide a guarantee of adequate and protective treatment of personal data.

There are several technological aspects on which the platform is based: voice assistant based on NLP, interconnection between profiles, notifications, also in real-time, according to needs.

In the medium term (6 months) the creation of other profiles is planned, dedicated to territorial health professionals and new functionalities aimed at the person: at the basis of these new functionalities stands out the use of recommended systems and Machine Learning algorithms for the evaluation of risk factors linked to chronic pathology.

The Start-up has a team dedicated to administration (2 Founder), a team dedicated to development (1 Founder, 1 Apprentice) and 2 domain experts (Founder) who work closely with development.

In parallel with the core business activities, consultancy activities are carried out in open innovation projects to increase the budget dedicated to the development of CareVox and increase the network of intercompany contacts.

The primary reference market is certainly B2C, given the large pool of chronic users in our country (about 24 million), but we are also working on solutions dedicated to the B2B world.

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