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We foster the generation of new ideas based on AI and support their development

The D3 incubator hosts the best ideas and start-ups that make Artificial Intelligence the engine of their success.Our innovative Building has been designed to guarantee the maximum possible contamination between the different realities that populate it: students, Data Scientists, Companies, Financiers, Start-ups, technology enthusiasts.

We host start-ups, established and not,
according to three possible routes:

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Realtà che nel building cercano uno spazio dove poter testare e validare la propria idea di business, grazie al supporto del nostro team di Business Analyst, che li accompagna in un percorso per potenziare la propria idea.

Start-up in incubation phase add remove

More mature realities that are about to be launched on the market. At this stage, the incubator's support the start-ups on many fronts and moves. Digital Tree provides ad hoc services, exposure opportunities to financiers and networking events.

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Start-ups that operate in the D3 network, participating in the events and initiatives proposed, livening up the habitat and exploiting its services even though they are not physically resident in the building's spaces.

The benefits of our incubator


An entire habitat focused on Artificial Intelligence at your complete disposal.


Personalised training courses on AI, Machine Learning, Big Data and Business Management.


A dedicated group of Business Analyst who will support you in the development of your business idea.


A wide range of ad hoc services for every need such as: Communication, Video Making, Business & Organization, Technical Solutions, etc.


Local stakeholders, institutions and trade associations to increase your growth opportunities.


Dedicated workspace and access to a modern and innovative building.


A dense calendar to feed your inspiration and expand the networks most useful to the success of your start-up.

Investor Day

Opportunities to meet professionals and investors who can financially support your idea.


Red Carpet add remove

There are no active calls at the moment or do you want to submit a different idea from the ones we are looking for? With the Red Carpet program you can apply at any time by telling us about your start-up. Click below and start the selection process immediately, we are waiting for you!

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The competition of innovative start-ups to validate your ideas and access the Digital Tree habitat. Through several evaluation steps the Board will select the most promising start-ups to start an incubation path.

Our Startups

The incubation activity of Digital Tree is designed to support the acceleration of startups. It is therefore a process that focuses primarily on early stage business ideas.

Specialised in innovative care solutions. The first product is Kibi: it helps the elderly to maintain their independence without giving up privacy.

Interactive activities to develop functions of sociality, cooperation or to know how to recognize emotions in people who have difficulties in these very areas. 

Humana Vox takes up the challenge of thehome care of the future: personalised, digital and inclusive to give relief to the person and their family.

Creation of three-dimensional models in augmented reality and their use in real time in Robotic and Laparoscopic Urological Oncological Surgery.

Obiettivo di SharpySurvey è creare uno strumento innovativo per l’acquisizione di dati mirati all’analisi di un immobile.

Specializzati nella progettazione, ingegnerizzazione e sviluppo di sistemi hardware e software in ambito Telecom, IoT, IIoT e domotica.

Elloboat è un semovente cingolato radiocomandato per varare e alare le barche in autonomia, è in grado di muoversi su qualunque tipo di terreno e di arenile.

Progetta e sviluppa un sistema di guida robot tramite visione, combinando tecniche di controllo adattivo ad algoritmi di intelligenza artificiale.

Utilizza algoritmi di Intelligenza Artificiale per ottimizzare le attività di ricerca mediante lettura e analisi documentale massiva.

Uno smart speaker assistant che si rivolge al mercato dei professionisti per supportarli nel loro percorso di adozione di nuovi algoritmi AI.

Il robot Pillo ci da una mano a ricordarci i farmaci prescritti dal medico e ci aiuta ad organizzare la nostra alimentazione salutare.

VRLabs supporta i clienti business nella creazione di valore tramite l’implementazione di soluzioni basate su tecnologie disruptive e leading-edge.

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