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MAIA for companies

Are you a company in need specific data management skills?

La Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Academy prepara i Data Scientist di domani con percorsi ad hoc altamente professionalizzanti. We select the best candidates based on your needs and propose the most interesting profiles.

After our screening, the final decision is up to you. Once you have identified them, students will access the MAIA course, alternating classroom and company experiencesto better prepare themselves to face and solve your particular challenges.

At the end of the course, the trained resource will be placed in the Company, according to the contractual modalities defined in advance.

Benefits for companies

Outsourced Recruitment

made by professional recruiters

Certainty of time

from the moment of the first contact with the Company to the placement of the trained resource

Facilitated onboarding

thanks to the activities in the Company that the candidate will undertake during the training period

Data Scientist professionals

certified skills in Big Data, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

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