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OPEN-EYES srl is an innovative start-up born in Genoa in October 2018 and with operative offices also in Rivanazzano Terme (PV) and Milan. We create hardware and software platforms that support new technologies, in particular AI, in daily life. We create ready-to-use product accelerators already industrialized and complete to use so that others can quickly and effectively implement their products/services.

What we do

OPEN-EYES is a hardware platform for access control in Linux Embedded that enables the use of AI.

It is a ready-to-use product accelerator (not a demo board) with several application in different fields: Industry 4.0, retail and Smart Homes, offering an intelligent video door phone.

The operating system allows maximum flexibility in use and integration with the most heterogeneous technologies (IoT systems, home/building/industrial automation, video cameras, audio/video systems, Web services, etc.). Our technology can effectively become a hub of intelligent objects present in the environment in which is inserted.

OPEN-EYES introduces the concept of value-added service on a Smart Home object. The value-added service is the answer to a specific and personal need of the user, who by accessing the Market Place will be able to activate/deactivate on her/his needs (Solution as a Service).

OPEN-EYES Market Place provides applications to "customize" your system.
It is also possible for:

  • Expert users: create your own application with any language (C, C++, Phython, Java, Nodered, etc...) and load it on the OPEN-EYES operating system, making it executable.
  • Normal users: using the Market Place by downloading applications developed by Expert Users who have decided to share them with the OPEN-EYES Community (free or paid depending on how the developer decides) exactly as downloading apps on smartphones.

OPEN-EYES is therefore always NEW, because it adapts and anticipates the demands of improving the quality of life.

Great attention has been paid to the implementation of services dedicated to elderly or people with fragility.
In particular after the advent of COVID 19 OPEN-EYES has been equipped with a termoscanner and a matrix of infrared sensors, able to detect the body temperature of the visitor. Moreover, is also verified the presence or absence of personal safety devices (mask) thanks to the AI algorithm.
In addition, it is touchless thanks to the gesture recognition.

Furthermore, unlike other IP video door phones currently on the market:

  • it is not necessary to bring the home network to the gate. With cost savings for the system wiring and safeguarding the network security both in physical and IT terms. We have developed a proprietary encrypted communication protocol thanks to which we can transfer both power and data to the existing intercom cable (the simple braid).
  • OPEN-EYES becomes the hub of the other intelligent objects present, making them cooperate to SERVE, thus meeting specific needs.
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